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Presentations that just broadcast content…
just don’t work.

Content by itself is boring. That’s why most business presentations don’t work very well, at all.

Everyone knows this to be true, and yet it’s hard to break the habit. Especially when everyone is doing more or less the same thing: repeating the same mistakes.

If you’re reading this then you probably want to see improvements made. However, you might feel that changing things up will increase risk, create uncertainty, and chew through even more time.

Rest easy! With our approach to communications skills training, people can break from bad habits with ease, with certainty and with confidence. Our approach is not only revolutionary but also outstandingly effective?

Why not learn – and then repeat – what the best communicators in the world do, and always have done? It just makes so much sense – after all, success leaves clues.

Why not enjoy the increased confidence that comes from using the same techniques proven effective time and again by Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Simon Sinek and every single good communicator you can name? (This includes Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy and Dr Martin Luther King.)

Can you imagine the benefits when engaging stories are told in ways that exactly fit the audience and the context, which means key messages are remembered?

Imagine using language and performance techniques in ways that draw people in and have them nodding in agreement.

But don’t stop there!

When a presentation, a speech or a talk is well crafted and well-delivered, great things can happen. Let us help you make great things happen with one of our revolutionary workshops that mobilise the hidden secrets of master communicators and send them into battle for you!

Neil K Ross

Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Adelaide | Canberra | Gold Coast

“All agreed: the most inspiring, practical and useful communications training ever attended”

Paul Bradbury – CEO

News Corp Australia
“I can assure you, you’ll be adopting the lessons learned from day one.”

Damian Eales – COO Publishing


What Type Of Communication Skills Training Are You After?

  • Two energizing days for 6 to 8 people
  • Customised for your needs and culture
  • Highly interactive & fun!
  • Learn how to control nerves and increase confidence
  • Everyone receives personal feedback & coaching recorded on video
  • Taps into the techniques proven effective by the world’s best communicators
  • Covers planning, story structures, content creation and performance
  • Includes effective use of PowerPoint, flip charts and whiteboards
  • Super Simple – Super Practical – Super Effective
  • One immersive day for 6 to 10 people
  • Exercises are set in the context of your business
  • Highly interactive and fun!
  • Learn how to control nerves and increase confidence
  • Taps into the techniques proven effective by the world’s best public speakers
  • Covers simple story structures, content creation and performance tips
  • Super Simple – Super Practical – Super Effective
  • Tailored to fit around your diary, circumstances and needs
  • Earn a reputation as an outstanding public speaker and communicator
  • Learn from history’s best communicators how to construct and deliver inspiring speeches and persuasive presentations with poise and influence
  • kick-start change, even in highly challenging environments
  • Get buy-in, support and commitment from the people you need to back you
  • We can help with strategy, content creation, scripting and performance coaching
  • One energizing day for 6-10 people
  • Customised for your business and tailored to your people
  • Looking at your business through your customer’s eyes
  • Understanding the needs, wants and concerns of your target audience
  • Develop a compelling and persuasive selling story – learn from the legends including Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Simon Sinek
  • Learn how to anticipate and plan for answering questions and handing objections
  • Deliver a performance that grabs the audience by their ears, hearts and minds
  • Super Simple – Super Practical – Super effective

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Who Are We?

Your people will be trained by our CEO, Neil Ross, who will impart 30 years of business communications and team leadership experience gained as:

  • QANTAS Group General Manager of Global Marketing
  • Managing Director of advertising agencies Smith Ross & Muir; DDB Sydney; McCann-Erickson Sydney
  • Director of Sydney Biennale
  • Marketing Strategy lecturer at Sydney University
  • Speaking Inspirationally’ keynoter at Telstra’s Women’s Business Awards, Entrepreneurs Organisation Australia, Rotary NSW and more
  • Communications strategy consultant and coach for performances at major corporate events
  • Key role in thousands of presentations & hundreds of new business pitches
  • Two-time winner of the Macquarie University Open Joke Telling Competition!

Neil has always had a deep passion for public speaking, presenting, winning business pitches and helping others achieve their full potential.

However, after attending several well-known presentation skills workshops, he was never quite satisfied with the structure, content or take-away results.

Feeling there must be a more practical, sustainable and easy way to master these arts, he educated himself in the rhetorical techniques of history’s great communicators.

He then also applied that ‘deep immersion’ approach to learning better ways to manage and motivate teams, build better business relationships and to working collaboratively to creatively solve problems. Neil then developed unique training programs that:

  • achieve exceptional results
  • can be tailored to each client’s real business needs
  • Are highly engaging, enjoyable and effective
  • increase people’s ability to contribute more to the success of their organisation In 2010 he launched Groupe Amplify

Over the eight years since, Neil has coached business professionals at all levels, including the most senior executives at News Corp Australia, Telstra, Westpac, Aristocrat, The Australian PGA, Care Australia and many more.

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Let us know what you need to achieve, and we will respond within 24 hours.
Or, download our Course Catalogue.

Groupe Amplify

We are specialists in business presentations, public speaking and interpersonal skills training. You’ll gain real results – immediately and over time.

Groupe Amplify

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