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Life after Death by PowerPoint? It is Possible!

PowerPoint, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. Bullet list, image, graph, chart, bullet list, image, graph, chart … “Death by PowerPoint” sums up the sense of impending doom most of us feel as a presenter switches on the laptop. A Google search for “I hate...

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How to Give a Good Presentation: The Art of Repetition

When it comes to giving a good presentation, it’s not enough to just “follow your instincts”. Learning some public speaking techniques can help you deliver the types of presentations that will leave people wanting more - and taking action. One key technique is knowing...

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Presentation Skills: Creating a Structure That Works

It is difficult to navigate through anything in life without a structure, a map or guide that keeps you focused and moving towards your goals. This same principle also applies to giving presentations. A presentation that lacks a structure or format is unlikely to...

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How To Give A Presentation That… Doesn’t Suck!

5 Life Savings Presentation Skills The awful truth is, most presentations are terrible. In fact, they suck. The audience quickly turns off. Nothing gets through to them. Nothing is remembered. Every presenter - even you - knows this to be true, yet the same practices...

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