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Thrive as an organisation through strong, supportive and influential relationships in the workplace and outside your business

Strong relationship-building skills are as crucial in business as they are in our personal lives. By learning how to strengthen bonds with colleagues, clients and suppliers, you and your team will be able to:

  • work more effectively together
  • persuade others to say ‘yes’ to their requests
  • anticipate the needs of others and avoid conflict
  • accelerate change
  • achieve better results in sales or negotiations.

Without sound inter-personal skills people and organisations suffer

Excellent inter-personal skills and effective communication in the workplace are key to building strong business relationships. They breed high-performance teams where people collaborate with each other to achieve common goals.

But, if people within a business are not aware of the relevant verbal and non-verbal techniques that build connection, rapport and influence, they are more likely to:

  • struggle to break down barriers to working collectively and harmoniously together
  • be involved in conflicts due to misunderstandings
  • develop poor relationships that limit success
  • feel more stressed at work.

Business relationships training empowers your people to achieve their full potential

Groupe Amplify are business relationship skills training specialists. We teach your people to master vital inter-personal skills, actions and behaviours so they:

  • can build deeper and more effective working relationships with colleagues, and externally
  • work and innovate as a motivated collective of people, rather than a collection of individuals
  • can get people to say ‘yes’ and support their actions
  • feel less stressed while being far more productive
  • get to truly enjoy what they do, overcome issues and celebrate successes together
  • it’s fun – people love the experience.

Our business relationships training course

In-house group business relationship training - "Building Better Business Relationships" - 1 day workshop

Small group workshop ideal for executives in organisations where there is great value being placed on developing high-performance teams in which people motivate and inspire each other to achieve a common goal. Very valuable in breaking down existing barriers that inhibit people working collectively and harmoniously with others.

Participants will learn how to:

  • make immediate and lasting personal connections
  • get people to like them and want to do business with them
  • identify and understand people’s motivations and drivers
  • communicate synchronicity, understanding of other’s needs and develop rapport & trust
  • employ the actions, behaviours and verbal communication skills to influence others
  • leverage the 6 universal laws of persuasion.