Team Management and Motivation Training

Without the right training managers can only guess how to manage

Managing and getting the best out of people is one of the most important and challenging roles in any business. Yet, most people walk into management positions ill-prepared because they:

  • were chosen for years of service or topic expertise rather than people skills
  • don’t have the training to understand, motivate and coach staff
  • never had a boss or mentor who taught them how to lead a team.

And of no fault of their own, this too often leads to:

  • a team culture of complacency, not continuous improvement
  • resistance to change
  • underperformance, low morale and high turnover
  • added stress and negativity in the workplace
  • the manager feeling as though they have failed and increasing ineffectiveness.

Team management and motivation skills boost confidence and results

Groupe Amplify are team management and motivation skills training specialists. We teach executives at any level the knowledge, techniques and practical skills to:

  • get the best out of people while giving them greater job satisfaction
  • motivate during change processes or uncertain times
  • gain a commitment to high performance
  • manage conflict and underperformance
  • improve operating efficiency and effectiveness.

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Our team management and motivation training courses

In-house group training - "Managing & Motivating Your Team For High Performance" - 1 day workshop

Our small group workshop is ideal for executives who have been promoted through the ranks because they are good at what they do and need training to give them the practical skills and behaviours to better manage and motivate their direct and indirect reports.

Participants will learn how to:

  • develop a “way of working” all team members support and comply with
  • set objectives that people both commit to and can deliver
  • apply the four key leadership styles – Directing/Coaching/Supporting/Delegating
  • direct and coach people to achieving a successful outcome
  • effectively and productively give, ask for, and receive feedback
  • prepare for and manage difficult conversations.

In-house coaching and facilitated sessions - 5-6 months

Our coaches work with leadership teams to correct what Patrick Lencioni refers to as ‘The Five Dysfunctions’ that derail effective teamwork and cohesion.

The aim is to rapidly increase levels of trust and respect, remove fear of conflict, increase individual and team commitment, improve overall accountability, and focus everyone on delivery results.

Our unique approach delivers a blend of individual and team coaching, combined with practical skills development in the areas of collaboration, innovative thinking, and persuasive communication as required.

Key benefits include:

  • Greater capability to deliver the targeted results for the business
  • Faster and better response to changing circumstances
  • A more competitive and more sustainable business
  • Executives who are more satisfied, happier and productive
  • Lower turnover of people at executive and staff level.


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