One-on-one coaching for leaders to better connect with your staff and external audiences

Whether it’s communicating with the people in your organisation or externally to the market, our private executive communications skills coaching can help senior executives to:

  • deliver inspiring speeches with poise and influence
  • kickstart change, even in highly challenging environments
  • get buy-in, support and commitment from the people you need behind you
  • bring revolutionary ideas to life
  • earn a reputation as an outstanding public speaker and communicator

“I have a great passion for public speaking and have studied extensively what great communicators do to engage, excite and inspire an audience. Now, I have distilled all that I have learned, and applied, into what I believe are the most essential elements so that I can share with other executives and coach them to become powerful, passionate and persuasive communicators.”

Neil Ross
CEO, Groupe Amplify

Practical, powerful and confidential training designed for busy leaders

Even highly experienced communicators tell us how much they gain from techniques they learn in our business presentations and public speaking workshops.

However, this kind of training is not always practical for CEOs and Senior Executives who:

  • don’t have available time to do a full or two-day workshop
  • often need to reschedule around their ever-changing diary
  • require confidentiality due to the nature of their speaking topics
  • may not have time to write a lot of the content themselves.

Elevate your leadership communication skills to educate, inspire, and induce action – in your time

At Groupe Amplify, we specialise in communication and public speaking training for senior executives. In private, one-on-one coaching sessions, highly experienced senior executive Neil Ross will help leaders master techniques to:

  • speak and communicate in ways that are immediately engaging, persuasive and inspiring
  • increase support and momentum around your change program
  • increase real and perceived credibility as a leader
  • gain or bolster your personal brand.

“Thanks so much for all the help and input that went into yesterday’s speech. I have gotten incredible feedback. Most consistent comment was that it was one of the best (or the best), authentic and heartfelt.”

Nicholas Fink, Regional Director


How our executive communications skills training works

Neil has helped scores of CEOs and senior executives become skills in-demand communicators and presenters. As the coaching is 100% personalised, he can help you in numerous ways, based on your requirements, such as:

  • One-on-one coaching for specific speaking engagements
  • One-on-one overall leadership communications polishing
  • Exploring, practicing and mastering the world’s best communicator’s secrets
  • Equipping you with powerful rapport building and public speaking techniques
  • Writing or enhancing your speeches, if required
  • Guidance and feedback from one of Australia’s most experienced senior executive speakers and trainers.

What you’ll learn in your private coaching

  • Planning a communications strategy around the audience and the desired response
  • Three types of persuasion: logic, emotion and character
  • What to communicate in order to project leadership
  • Language techniques that improve audience engagement, emotional connection and impact
  • How to use storytelling to communicate key messages
  • Performance techniques to amplify the power of your words
  • Ways to effectively use key visuals

Neil can also:

  • Develop your scripts and content
  • Provide rehearsals coaching on delivery/performance

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