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Inspire and Persuade Your Audience to say YES!

Be it a new business pitch, a team meeting or even a Skype call, a well-crafted and delivered business presentation can boost morale, sales, profits and your brand reputation.

In today’s low growth and distracted world, business presentations offer a rare opportunity for your executives to inspire and persuade a captive audience – and impact the success of your organisation.

Too many business presentations lack real audience engagement and impact

Just as powerful and compelling presentations can lift business, profits and optimism, a weak one can be detrimental to the presenter and your organisation.

Unfortunately, most business people:

  • Lack the knowledge and skills required to create engaging and memorable presentations
  • Fail to quickly connect with people and lose their attention for good
  • Mistakenly believe ‘broadcasting content’ is communicating
  • Are unaware of scientifically proven ways to persuade with communication
  • Are not confident speaking in front of an audience.

With the Get to YES!” System anyone can be a powerful, effective presenter that get’s results

As with any skill, great presentations don’t just happen. For all but a few natural born communicators, people become accomplished, persuasive communicators by learning and practicing.

This means anyone can become a great presenter – with the right tools,
techniques and training.

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“Everyone agreed it was the most inspiring, practical and useful communications training day they had ever attended.”
Paul Bradbury, CEO

Our Get to YES! Training Options

Customised Get to YES! Workshops

Our small group workshop is ideal for top tier executives needing buy-in and acceptance from high-level audiences and stakeholders e.g. new business pitches, management approval of proposals etc. Participants will learn how to:

  • Plan, create and deliver content with greater impact, influence and persuasion
  • Quickly establish a strong connection and rapport with any audience
  • Master key rhetorical/language and performance techniques
  • Effectively plan for, listen to and respond to questions.

Pitching corporate credentials

Designed to help people in your organisation who are responsible for winning over more customers. Participants will learn how to:

  • Look at your business through the customer’s eyes
  • Focus on key audience needs, wants, concerns
  • Develop a compelling business story incorporating each executive’s narrative
  • Deliver a performance that grabs the audience and gets them excited.

Key event and conference consulting

Equip presenters at your own conferences and external events with the skills and knowledge to inspire, captivate and influence the audience to reach a specific goal. Participants will learn how to:

  • Clearly define their desired outcome for the event, and achieve it
  • Develop a communications strategy that connects with the audience
  • Make the audience feel, think and behave as desired
  • Fit presentations from different people together into a powerful story.

Performance rehearsing and coaching

Ideal for people who have prepared their content, but want to perfect their performance to have the best possible impact on the audience. Participants will learn how to:

  • Clearly define the emotional response they want from the audience
  • Project their own emotions accordingly
  • Manage nerves and prepare backstage
  • Control their voice pitch, pace, pausing, volume and emphasis
  • Use the best gestures to emphasise their message
  • Move on stage to keep the entire audience watching and listening.

Available in-person, online e.g. Skype, or by phone.

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