Transform your executives into confident, engaging, persuasive public speakers

Why do some speakers own the room during a speech, while others slowly lose their audience, or are completely forgettable? Part of the reason is the speech content and the words being used.

More importantly, it’s how the speaker delivers those words.

Whether your executives are addressing their team, your whole organisation or guests at an event, arming them with the right public speaking skills and tools can significantly benefit your business and their own reputation.

Most speakers fail to connect with their audience

If a speaker can create an emotional bond with an audience they can sway opinions, bring about change, elevate a business and inspire great things.

Unfortunately, most people who speak to, or on behalf of, their organisation:

  • focus everything on providing facts
  • struggle to create a real connection with their audience
  • don’t realise that audience empathy comes from sharing vulnerability
  • often fear public speaking, which can undermine their confidence and believability.

Learn the art of public speaking in a one-day training session

Not even the world’s most natural, accomplished and persuasive public speakers like Winston Churchill and Barack Obama became great orators by simply jumping up to the podium. They needed to learn and practice the right techniques first.

With the right tools, techniques and training anyone in your team can become a great public speaker, too. Whether it’s talking to their team at work or before an audience of thousands.

Equip your people to always deliver memorable, impactful speeches

Groupe Amplify are public speaking skills training specialists. We help your executives become skilled communicators and speech makers through:

  • group courses designed for specific speech demands
  • workshops that accommodate any participant’s existing experience, skills and needs
  • a practical and proven step-by-step approach to public speaking with greater impact, influence and persuasion
  • exploring, practicing and mastering techniques used by the world’s best communicators
  • guidance, feedback and coaching from one of Australia’s most experienced senior executive speakers and trainers.

See real benefits for your speakers and business

Your people will walk away from their public speaking training equipped with the tools and skills to:

  • plan, produce and deliver powerful, memorable speeches
  • confidently speak before any size audience, in any situation
  • stand out from other speakers who lack these tools and techniques
  • inspire, persuade and gain momentum for change initiatives

“I’ve done a lot of training in my career, including Melbourne Business School, and there is nothing I put into practice as often and as effectively as the training you did. So, thanks and well done.”
Nic Hodges, Head of Innovation & Technology


Our public speaking skills courses

Group public speaking training – 1 day in-house workshop

Speaking Inspirationally is a small group workshop ideal for executives needing to be more effective and inspiring leaders, engaging and persuading others through what they say and how they say it. Participants will learn how to:

  • Better understand their audience and tailor their message
  • Emulate techniques used by master communicators throughout history
  • Engage and persuade an audience both rationally and emotionally
  • Tell a powerful story
  • Amplify their words with powerful performance techniques
  • Plan and write powerful speeches or team talks

Group public speaking training

Speaking Inspirationally is a fun, engaging option for a conference, or if you have 20 or more executives from across the business who would like to learn to speak and present in a way that is more engaging, persuasive and inspiring to their audience.

Through interactive exercises, videos and more participants will learn how to:

  • Reveal, deconstruct and apply the communications secrets of greats such as Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Simon Sinek and more
  • Use techniques such as rule of three, parallelism, repetition, rhetorical questions
  • Tell a powerful story
  • Deliver a performance that captivates and excites their audience.

Key event and conference consulting

Equip speakers at your own conferences and external events with the skills and knowledge to inspire, captivate and influence the audience in order to reach a specific goal. Participants will learn how to:

  • Clearly define their desired outcome for the event, and achieve it
  • Develop a communications strategy that connects with the audience
  • Make the audience feel, think and behave as desired
  • Fit speeches from different people together into a powerful story.

Performance rehearsing and coaching

Ideal for people who have prepared their speech, but want to perfect their performance to have the best possible impact on the audience. Participants will learn how to:

  • Clearly define the emotional response they want from the audience
  • Project their own emotions accordingly
  • Manage nerves and prepare backstage
  • Control their voice pitch, pace, pausing, volume and emphasis
  • Use the best gestures to emphasise their message
  • Move on stage to keep the entire audience watching and listening.

Available in-person, online e.g. Skype, or by phone.

Find out how we can help your people master public speaking

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