Learn how to work together to creatively and effectively solve business problems

Problems arise in every business. But not every business deals with problems well. Typically, in trying to find solutions they get bogged down with the ‘old ways’ of doing things. But, if your executives understand the best way to solve issues and difficulties collectively:

  • you can leverage diverse thinking to create new and more innovative answers
  • you have a bigger pool of innovative ideas to evaluate
  • the people involved form a more cohesive and committed team
  • your business is better equipped to quickly solve problems as they arise
  • problems are viewed as opportunities to improve and excel.

‘Silo’ thinking and brainstorming hamper problem solving

When people or departments in an organisation either choose to, or are expected to, solve business problems independently it reduces the likelihood of finding the best possible solution.

Similar problems apply to brainstorming meetings where:

  • roles, responsibilities and acceptable behaviour can be poorly defined
  • criticism, dismissing ideas, negative questioning and commentary are left unchecked
  • the loudest and most dominant personalities drown out the others
  • people promote only their own ideas and fail to build upon the ideas of others
  • addiction to current thinking and processes blinds people to the potential of new and different thinking
  • clever ways to stimulate additional creative thinking are lacking.

These traditional ways of solving problems at work also create bigger problems, such as:

  • problems are left unresolved and opportunities aren’t exploited
  • frustration and apathy amongst colleagues
  • little real support for the solution chosen
  • damage to morale and the organisation’s culture
  • less overall business efficiency.

Our collaborative team problem solving training helps you tap into diverse experiences, skills, perspectives and knowledge

Groupe Amplify are collaborative team problem solving training specialists. We train your people through real business challenges and teach them how to:

  • develop a supporting, non-threatening climate where everyone feels relaxed and eager to contribute
  • leverage the power of each person’s unique skills, attitudes and experiences
  • learn the processes, behaviours and creative thinking that encourages people to offer their own ideas
  • support each other ideas and build on them
  • solve even the most stubborn problem that requires ‘outside the box’ thinking.

“We generated some great solutions that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of and we have implemented them with considerable success for the business.”
Mick Jarvie, Head of Pricing


Our team problem solving training course

In-house group training - "Working Collaboratively to Creatively Solve Problems" 1 day workshop

A small group workshop ideal for executives from different areas of an organisation who are looking to approach tasks as a team in an effective, efficient and repeatable way that motivates people to lend their support. Participants will learn how to:

  • develop the culture, behaviours, thinking and processes required to solve problems and create opportunities, collectively and creatively
  • explore and generate additional creative ideas
  • encourage others to participate
  • select and evaluate the most promising ideas and develop them as a group
  • create an action plan.


Groupe Amplify

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