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Equip your executives to always deliver memorable, impactful speeches

Why do some speakers own the room during a speech, while others slowly lose their audience, or are completely forgettable? Part of the reason is the speech content and the words being used.

More importantly, it’s how the speaker delivers those words. Whether your executives are addressing their team, your whole organisation or guests at an event, arming them with the right public speaking skills and tools can significantly benefit your business and their own reputation.

Avoid failing to connect with the audience

If a speaker can create an emotional bond with an audience they can sway opinions, bring about change, elevate a business and inspire great things.

Unfortunately, most people who speak to, or on behalf of, their organisation:

  • Focus everything on providing facts and neglect feelings
  • Struggle to create a real connection with their audience
  • Don’t create empathy through sharing their vulnerability
  • Often fear public speaking, which can undermine their confidence and belivability
Best Suited For:
  • Executives who need to engage, persuade and inspire others through ‘what they say’ and ‘how they say it.’
  • Benefits people across all levels of skills and confidence
What Is Learned:

How to:

  • Analyse/understand the audience and tailor your message
  • Engage and persuade an audience both rationally and emotionally
  • Leverage key rhetorical and performance techniques to maximise the power of the spoken word
  • Use storytelling to maximise engagement and memorability
  • Plan and write words that capture ears, hearts & minds
Key Benefits:
  • Plan, produce and deliver powerful, memorable speeches
  • Confidently speak before any size audience, in any situation
  • Stand out from other speakers
  • Inspire, persuade and gain momentum for change initiatives
  • Increased charisma and leadership skills

Speaking Inspirationally

1-Day Public Speaking Workshop, Sydney

DATE: Thursday 1st March 2018

TIME: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (AEDT)

LOCATION: North Sydney Training Centre,
Level 2, 80 Mount St
North Sydney NSW 2060


Structure Of One-Day Interactive Workshop
6-9 People

Learn the amazing art & alchemy of powerful public speaking in a one-day training session
  • Designed for your specific public speaking demands
  • We accommodate each participant’s experience, skills and needs
  • A practical and proven step-by-step way of learning that’s fun
  • Everyone explores, applies and practices techniques used by the world’s best communicators
  • Guidance, mentoring and feedback from Neil Ross, one of Australia’s most experienced executives/presenters/trainers
Session 1 – The Alchemy Of Inspiring Words
  • Understanding the benefits of being an inspiring communicator
  • Learning how to bulldoze the barriers to effective communication
  • Simple yet highly effective ways to ensure audience engagement
  • Applying the persuasion of logic, emotion and character
  • Deconstructing great speeches and presentations – presented on videos – to understand their structure and why they work
  • Learning and applying the key rhetorical techniques used by master communicators throughout history to great effect e.g. repetition; the rule of three; rhetorical questions & contrasts
  • Using storytelling incorporating the ‘three dramatic acts’ to maximise audience engagement, persuasion and memorability
  • 7 ‘opening’ techniques
Session 2 – The Art of Performance
  • How to grab the audience’s attention – and hold onto it
  • Avoiding ‘monotony’ by applying performance modulation in pace, pauses, energy, passion and tone of voice
  • Increasing confidence, trust and believability through properly aligned body language and hand gestures
  • Overcoming pre-performance nerves
Session 3 – Planning, Writing & Delivering A Short Speech
  • Use The Alchemy ‘Speaker’s Planner’ to map out and write a short speech/talk
  • Live delivery by individuals followed by group feedback
  • Reworking the speech and delivering it again > with specific feedback and coaching on how to improve from Neil Ross
  • Access to ‘Speaker’s Planner’ and the ‘Do-ABLES’ toolkit
  • View/learn from video of performances
  • 30 day access to coaching & advice from Groupe Amplify CEO Neil Ross and 30 years of business presentation experience gained as:
    • QANTAS Group General Manager of Global Marketing
    • MD of Smith Ross & Muir; DDB Sydney; McCann-Erickson Sydney
    • Pitching for and winning scores of new business clients
    • Two-time winner of the Macquarie University Joke Telling Competition!