There are many challenges facing the Business Sector in Australia and one that needs constant review and focus is how to constantly motivate people, especially in times of change.  Communicating in a way that engages, persuades and inspires can boost confidence, commitment and buy-in from your team.  And, it can be the key through which you can access the hidden gateway to better opportunities and career success.

When delivering a business presentation, leveraging the power of the spoken word can help you stand out from the competition. And, to be honest, what competition? Most people haven’t learned the key techniques and simple skills required to be a good communicator. You can take advantage of this opportunity by stepping up to the challenge

There are 7 key steps that can guide you from being an amateur to slowly becoming a master-class communicator. Let’s get started.

  1. Like the internet, “connect” with your audience

Ever heard of empathy? It’s not so common in today’s world, but it exists. Empathy is the ability to connect with other people and to relate to how they are feeling. It is basically stepping out of your world into theirs and understanding their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours.

Before preparing a presentation, you need to gain this deep understanding of your target audience so you can speak to them in a way that connects.

  1. Get to ‘your promise’ already, will you?

The average attention span of people these days is less than that of a goldfish (9 seconds). Therefore, saving your best for last is a big mistake. Get to the benefit for the audience i.e. your promise to them for listening, as quickly as possible, in order to grab attention and then you maintain it.

  1. Radiate your emotion to your audience

Passionate people are contagious, so you better be passionate about your message. Let your audience know what makes you ‘excited’ throughout the presentation. Engage them and connect them with your energy, in order to get your message across.

  1. Have a structure and stick with it

While being flexible during a presentation can be of benefit, you need to stick to the structure that gets your message across. The “what”, “so what”, and “what now” framework is time tested to be reliable. Avoid deviating too much from this.

  1. The power of rhetoric

Since time immemorial, rhetorical techniques have separated great public speakers from their competition. Don’t be afraid to use repetition, rhetorical questions, the rule of three, and metaphors to get your message across.

  1. Minimise on Power Point

We know the use of computer driven slide shows started well and became incredibly popular, but now they’re more a source of distraction than illumination. Trust in your own ability to bring your presentation to life. In other words, rely more on your narrative, performance and the odd flip chart to deliver your message in an engaging way.

  1. Practice makes perfect

As the age old saying goes, make sure you rehearse multiple times to boost your confidence and deliver an “ear grabbing” presentation.

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