Powerful, proven & practical business presentation skills for your people

In today’s low growth and distracted world, business presentations offer a rare opportunity for your executives to inspire and persuade a captive audience – and impact the success of your organisation.

Be it a new business pitch, a team meeting or a major event, a well-crafted and delivered presentation can boost morale, sales, profits and your brand’s reputation.

Eliminate presentations that lack real audience engagement and impact

Just as powerful and compelling presentations can lift business, profits and optimism, a weak one can be detrimental to the presenter and your organisation.

So, this Master-Class in presentation strategy and communication techniques teaches executives how to plan, create and deliver content with greater impact, influence and persuasion.


Best Suited For:

  • Executives motivated to become powerful communicators who can engage, influence and persuade any audience
  • Situations where the presenter needs buy-in and acceptance for what they are proposing e.g. new business pitches, management approval of proposals etc.
  • Important occasions when the audience includes senior executives and important stakeholders
  • Participants who have some presentation experience

What Is Learned:

How To:

  • Plan, create and deliver content with greater impact, influence and persuasion
  • Establish strong connection and rapport with any audience
  • Leverage key rhetorical/language and performance techniques to maximise the power of the spoken word
  • Use visuals/slides to maximum effect
  • Apply the ‘science of persuasion’ to get people to say ‘yes’
  • Effectively plan for, listen to and respond to questions

Key Benefits:

  • Win more business, get agreement to what’s being proposed, bring about positive change at work and much more
  • Stand out from others who lack these tools and techniques
  • Greater projection of expertise, thought leadership and professional stature
  • Increased audience involvement and satisfaction
  • Less stress and greater confidence

Compelling Presentations

2-Day Presentation Skills Workshop, Sydney

DATE: Thursday, 30 November to Friday, 1 December 2017   or
Thursday, 14 December to Friday, 15 December 2017

TIME: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (AEDT)

LOCATION: North Sydney Training Centre,
Level 2, 80 Mount St
North Sydney NSW 2060


Structure Of Two One-Day Interactive Workshops
6-9 People

Equip your people to make an immediate and lasting impact

  • Designed for your specific business presentation demands
  • We accommodate each participant’s experience, skills and needs
  • A practical and proven step-by-step way of learning that’s fun
  • Everyone explores, applies and practices techniques used by the world’s best communicators
  • Guidance, mentoring and feedback from Neil Ross, one of Australia’s most experienced executives/presenters/trainers


Understanding The Key Techniques Of Compelling Communicators

  • Bulldozing the barriers that block effective communication
  • Developing rapport and audience engagement
  • Deconstructing great speeches and presentations (using videos) to understand why they work
  • Learning and applying the key rhetorical techniques used by master communicators, including the rule-of-three, repetition, alliteration and rhetorical questions
  • Applying story-telling incorporating the ‘three dramatic acts’ essential for audience impact, message clarity & memorability
  • Learning and applying the “Science Of Persuasion” and the 6 Universal Short Cuts that lead people to say ‘yes’ to your requests

Developing A Communications Strategy And Plan Focused On The Audience

  • Developing an insightful audience profile – identifying key needs and drivers – appealing to ears, hearts and minds
  • Being clear on how you want them to respond
  • Developing the key ‘Presentation Promise’ and theme
  • Working out the communications strategy, content narrative, stories and the ‘pulse line’


  • Use The Alchemy ‘PresoPlanner’ to map out and prepare a 5-10 minute presentation (to a defined topic)
  • Start to create and rehearse the presentation


The Art Of Performance

Live deliver – recording – review and feedback

  • Learning about the ‘Art Of Performance’ – body language, tone of voice, modulation in pace, pause and intensity
  • The right use of PowerPoint and other visual aids
  • Reworking the presentation and delivering it again > with feedback and coaching on how to improve


  • Access to ‘PresoPlannerand the ‘Do-ABLES’ toolkit
  • View/learn from video of performances
  • 30 day access to coaching & advice from Groupe Amplify CEO Neil Ross, and 30 years of business presentation experience gained as:
    • QANTAS Group General Manager Of Global Marketing
    • MD of Smith Ross & Muir; DDB Sydney; McCann-Erickson Sydney
    • Pitching for and winning scores of new business clients

Groupe Amplify

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